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Camagra is an erectile pill and is also taken as a party stimulant at sex parties. The active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, is an exact copy of the active ingredient from the well-known blue erection pills. So the action of camagra is 100% the same as the action of the well-known blue erection pill. Further in the shop you will find more information about ordering camagra, side effects and the package insert of camagra. Besides camagra pills you can also order camagra oral jelly here.

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What is camagra?

Camagra is a generic version of the well-known blue erection pill. The active ingredient in camagra sildanafil is the same as the well-known blue erectile pill. Camagra is available in different forms namely

camagra tablets 100 mg.
camagra oral jelly 100g
camagra chewable tablets 100 mg.
All camagra products are intended as erection pills. Camagra allows you to enjoy a full and hard erection during sex without worry. The prerequisite for getting an erection is that you must be sexually aroused. Once you are no longer sexually aroused, your erection will also disappear. Camagra is also often used when you can get an erection, but you like to continue for a long time, even after orgasm.

So if you are sexually aroused for 4-6 hours, you will have a full and hard erection for this entire period, this is possible when you delay your orgasm, for example. If you want an erection pill that also contains an orgasm inhibitor as an active ingredient, we recommend you try our super p force tablets.

How camagra works

After taking camagra, the active ingredient sildenafil is absorbed into the bloodstream after about 30 to 60 minutes. This causes the blood vessels in the penis to widen with the result that more blood can flow into the penis and the blood vessels that normally constrict to prevent blood from flowing back become even narrower. This process causes you to have a much harder and fuller erection that you can enjoy for at least 4 hours.

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Order Camagra 100mg. Camagra contains the same active ingredient as the well-known blue erection pill Viagra. View our offers camagra. From 5 strips of camagra you will always receive free camagra with your order.

super p force order. The new camagra tablet from ajanta pharma. Super p force gives a powerful and hard erection and also delays ejaculation. Try super p force, * tip * there is a super p force strip in our top deal!

Order Camagra chewable soft tabs. Also called chewable camagra. A strip of camagra chewable soft tabs contains 4 camagra tablets with 4 different flavors. The result of the tablets is that the erection pill is induced much faster than the normal camagra tablets.

Order camagra oral jelly. Camagra in jelly form. If you have problems taking camagra tablets, buy camagra oral jelly. Let the jelly melt in your mouth for super fast action, as the mucous membranes in your mouth and tongue will absorb the active ingredient! The absorption of the active ingredient, sildenafil citrate, is directly absorbed already through the oral mucosa.

- the current color of camagra is green. If you still come across blue camagra pills then they are old pills.

- the camagra strip must have a production number. Pay close attention to the expiration date!!! This can be found on the back of the camagra strip.

- if you look at a camagra strip from the back, it must have a red production stripe on the top.

- on the back, a hologram across the entire width must be applied in the middle of the camagra strip. The hologram contains the name and logo of the camagra manufacturer ajanta pharma

- when you break an original camagra pill in half, you can see that real camagra is provided with a film layer. Fake camagra is dyed.

- a camagra pill is hard.

- the taste of original camagra is bitter

Cheap camagra does not have to be a fake if you observe the above security features for camagra.


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