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Sildenafil enhances the action of a certain signal molecule called nitrogen oxides, which causes an erection to take place. This makes the penis more rigid and thus increases performance. It is best to take Kamagra an hour in advance, in order to make the performance level and the intensity of the erection as profitable as possible. After approximately four hours, Kamagra reaches its maximum, which means that there is enough time to fully enjoy your performance.

Practical information Kamagra

Ajanta Pharma's Kamagra is available in several exotic flavours and in different packaging forms besides the normal tablet. Each tablet always contains a dosage of 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate. The forms in which Kamagra is available include tablets, effervescent tablets and liquid capsules.

Which form of Kamagra you prefer may have everything to do with, for example, ease of intake or because you simply prefer one outer form compared to the other. Ease of use comes first in this case. However, the effect of the different forms of Kamagra remains the same. So it is mainly intended as an additional form of convenience. Of course we supply quality as standard, the form in which you prefer it may of course differ!

The side effects of Kamagra

The benefits of Kamagra are extraordinary on many fronts. Not only does Kamagra ensure that the performance pressure goes down, the intensity of sex goes up and thus the pleasure in bed is greatly enhanced, your partner will also experience the benefits directly. However, there are a few side effects that the substance Sildenafil, present in Kamagra, can cause. The main ones are flushing and headache.

You may also experience some inconvenience in the form of gastrointestinal discomfort and pain in the limbs. However, these side effects are rare to rare. Overall, the success of Kamagra undoubtedly outweighs any side effects. After all, pleasure in bed also has a lot of positive side effects! You will find that as your sex life becomes more joyful again, not only do you get more energy, but your whole being also improves substantially. Kamagra undoubtedly takes the pressure off and also ensures that intimate enjoyment of sex becomes something to look forward to again. So don't hesitate to give it a try and experience the benefits of Kamagra for yourself!

Kamagra Buy 100mg

Kamagra is known as an erection pill. The substance that makes Kamagra 100mg what it is is Sildenafil. This active ingredient drives nitric oxides that cause the penis to become rigid. The Kamagra 100mg is a brand of Ajanta Pharma, from India. These pills are a lot cheaper than other brand variants and that while the ease of use and efficacy is considerably better. Not only is every effort made from the manufacturer to make the drug as user-friendly as possible, but in addition, it is also clearly demonstrable that the Kamagra 100 mg does what it stands for.

The external characteristics of the Kamagra 100 mg is as follows. The tablet is green in colour and has clear features that show that the pill is 'real'. There are also various forms of fake pills that are generally blue in colour. However, the efficacy of these is significantly inferior to the real drug. Moreover, the reason the pill is green is determined by law. The tablet has the colour green so that there can be no confusion regarding other viagra pills. The Kamagra 100 mg thus has its own signature and cannot be confused with 'similar substances'.

Why should you choose Kamagra 100 mg?

There are a large number of reasons to choose Kamagra 100 mg. One of the main reasons, of course, is that it will improve your sex life in every respect. The eroticism will return as of old and unconstrained during a good lovemaking session, unlike before using Kamagra 100 mg, when the anxiety and pressure not to perform totally weakened the erotic part. In addition, you can also swallow the pill in half doses.

This allows you to do much longer with the supplied dose, which not only saves in price but is also nice in terms of convenience. To find out for sure if the half dose works for you, it is best to just try it out. When you take half a pill, you will find out for yourself what it does to you. Do you notice that the result is to your liking? Then there is nothing against continuing the dosage in those amounts. And if you want just that little bit extra then you can also take a whole Kamagra 100 mg as well. After all, what matters is that you are satisfied. Another important advantage is that you can order this Kamagra 100 mg online and you don't need a prescription from your GP for that. This significantly increases the ease of use.

One press of a button and you have the answer to your problems at home. You can order the pill completely in anonymity, so there is no need for shame. Furthermore, it is a very well-known pill from Ajanta Pharma, which means that this Kamagra 100 mg can therefore be bought without a doubt. It is a well-known drug on the Dutch market that many a man is already very satisfied with.

What does Kamagra 100 mg do?

Of course, you are curious to know what Kamagra 100 mg does to you when you take this drug. This pill creates an erection. The penis becomes rigid, allowing the sexual need to be actually satisfied. Many people use it after going out, for instance when they have drunk alcohol and they cannot get an erection as a result. This Kamagra 100 mg pill then ensures that you can still get an erection at these "awkward" moments.

In addition, of course, there are all sorts of other reasons why you may fail from time to time. Think performance pressure, depression or high cholesterol, for example. Kamagra 100 mg could be a good solution for all these complaints. Suppose all this makes you curious and you recognise the different causes that can lead to an erection problem, you could give this pill a try and who knows, it might be the solution to your problem.

Going back to the example where a certain level of alcohol consumption causes erection problems, this can be remedied without any problems thanks to Kamagra 100 mg. No more doubts when you see a beautiful woman with whom you would like to share the bed. Your performance will be excellent even if you are drunk!