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Erection pills, Never suffer from impotence again.

Erection pills are the perfect solution for impotence. For this, the active ingredients Sildenafil as well as Vardenafil & Tadalafil can be an excellent ingredient. Millions of men can now perform better sexually with the help of Erectile Pills with better erections that last longer during sexual activity.

The different active ingredients in the different erection pills zrogen for a functioning blood supply to the penis and holding blood in the penis. With Erectile Pills, failure to achieve an erection is a thing of the past. Erectile pills should be taken at least 30 to 45 minutes before you have sex. This time is needed for the active ingredient to be absorbed by the body.

We have compared various types of erection pills on several key components for you. As you may be aware, there are also many different providers of erection pills, they differ quite a bit in reliability, price & quality. With us, you can view reviews of the drugs themselves but we also offer you an objective overview of various erection pill suppliers!


Never take Erectile Pills after a high-fat meal. The time it takes for the active ingredient to be absorbed takes much longer and the intended end result will also be less.


Always read the package insert carefully before use! Do not combine erection pills with Alcohol, Poppers, Soft or Hard drugs! Consult your doctor before combining with other medications.


Side effects may include headache, tingling eyes, mild nausea or nasal congestion. Drinking extra plenty of water can help you avoid many of these side effects.

There are different forms of erectile dysfunction

Most people are familiar with the name erectile dysfunction and know what it means. When a man has trouble getting his cock stiff or is unable to keep it in an erect state, he has impotence or erectile dysfunction. This is often all that is known to the majority and only a few know that there is more than one form of erectile dysfunction.

It is of course very important to be able to distinguish between the various forms of erectile dysfunction. Indeed, in a great many cases as high as 93%, an erection problem is not at all life-long.

So there are various forms of erection drugs for which various ways of treatment are possible, we will cover these in detail on our website.

Primary erection problem, total dysfunction

Total dysfunction is an erection problem where there is nothing you can do yourself to solve the problem. In this problem, an erect cock is never found, not upon waking up in the morning (called odel) not unexpectedly and also not while making love.

So this total dysfunction is also called impotence and in a large number of these cases there is a problem with the cock of the man in question. It could be that the blood vessels in the cock are pinched or that this is the case with a nerve. They may also not have developed properly during the formation of the man's body. If this is the case and you have never done anything with it before, it is advisable to first of all go directly to the doctor.

If the above causes are the basis of the erection problem then surgery at the hospital is often the only thing that can fix the problem. It depends on the cause of impotence whether this is a small thing or a major surgery.

Secondary erection problem

Secondary erection problem is an erection problem where something can be done, there is still plenty of hope to get your cock back in full erect condition. When you suffer from a secondary erection problem you have had an erect dick in the past and made love with it to everyone's satisfaction, but there came a time when this was no longer possible tomorrow and the dick was no longer erect or it was erect but could not be kept erect.

So there is always a cause in cases of a Secondary erection problem, the cock was functioning fine.

Erection problems due to a situation

When an erection problem arises because of a certain situation, the problem is of a completely different nature. In this case, erection can be obtained in one situation and not in another. Usually you see in this case that self-gratification is not a problem but as soon as love has to be made and thus another person is present that the dysfunction occurs.

Self-gratification is then immediately a cause of cock dysfunction and should be mentioned as a possible cause. With self-gratification it is so that it always takes place when you feel like it, you do not need the sexual stimulation of another but can often do it purely with fantasy or a strong urge.

You have to make a lot less effort than when you make love and have to please a partner while enjoying yourself. The brain therefore finds self-gratification a lot more pleasant and easier than the effort required when your partner joins in. You are in fact teaching your brain to choose self-gratification.

Of course, the solution to this case of erectile dysfunction is quite simple to point out. When you stop satisfying yourself altogether and seeking visual stimulation then your brain will start to clear your patroomn and the need for sex with a partner will increase. Since there is no other option left for your brain, its will encourage your cock to function when an opportunity does present itself.

Partial erectile dysfunction

When a partial erection problem occurs, what happens is that the cock does get stiff. But your cock is not hard enough to make love to your partner. As a result, sexual intercourse may begin, but the cock will lose its erectile condition during intercourse. As a result, continuing intercourse becomes very difficult and is eventually stopped.

With partial erection problems there is almost always a similar cause than with erection problems caused by a situation. Something happened to cause your cock to fail. In some cases with a partial erection problem, there is also difficulty during self-gratification but the nature of the complaint is then smaller.

In 99% of cases of partial erection problem, the human brain is the cause of the complaint. Your brain is too much occupied with other things so external stimuli do not enter properly. In cases where there is too little relaxation to get a hard cock, there is often to a greater or lesser extent anxiety, stress fear of failure or even trauma. The use of medication can also contribute to (partial) dysfunction of the cock.

How can an erection problem be solved?

The cause of the problem must be addressed. Stimuli of horniness or sexual stimulation are not being processed adequately by the brain resulting in a failure to have an erection and impotence.

Some very obvious solutions include taking erection drugs such as Kamagra, Sildenafil, Vardenafil or Tadalafil. When these pills are taken your cock will stay hard for hours and your self-confidence can grow again. You can see that it does work and therefore the problem is not your cock itself. Built-up shame and fear of failure often disappear in no time when taking erection pills and build up your mindset so that after a while you can function fine again without them.

Of course, apart from the use of erectile dysfunction products, it is advisable to consult with your partner and discuss your problem with him or her. Also, as mentioned earlier, it is wise to take a close look at your self gratification behavior and take steps in this regard.

On our information website you will find more information about erectile dysfunction drugs and their effects. There are many kinds and degree that you should always take in consultation with a doctor. It is also useful to know exactly what these erection pills do to your body because your health seems to be our number one priority.


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